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Is it true that Peyton Manning used growth hormone for the injury recovery?

Peyton Manning and HGH

The question ‘Did peyton manning take hgh?’ was answered by NFL league that published a special statement which said that "they did not find the evidence presented in the film of Al-Jazeera America sufficient", stating that Manning’s wife received parcels with growth hormones by mail.

Peyton Manning: who is he and what he did or did not do

Peyton Manning is the former defender from the National Football League (NFL) Denver Broncos. Ironically, it was only at the very end of his storied career, just before winning his second Super Bowl, that Peyton Manning’s HGH drug scandal has become the most important news.

During his professional career, he led his two teams, the Indianapolis Colts and Broncos to Super Bowl titles in 2007 and 2016 respectively.

From his college days at the University of Tennessee before his retirement in 2016, he was welcomed as a clear American poster boy. In fact, many fans first became aware of the athlete, when he appeared in commercials with his brother, Eli.

Peyton Manning: HGH Al Jazeera doping allegations

The drama began in December 2015 with the Al Jazeera documentary about HGH and Peyton Manning.

According to the film, the investigators had evidence of his participation in the supply of illicit drugs of growth hormone.

In the documentary, the British hurdler Liam Collins tells how male athletes need improving drugs. A man claiming to have access to the HGH was Charles Sly, a former intern in Guyer Institute in Indianapolis.

This intern of anti-aging clinic in Indianapolis sent parcels with growth hormone to the postal address of Ashley Manning while the quarterback of "Colts" was trying to recover from a neck injury. HGH is prohibited to use by all professional sports leagues and it is prescribed only in exceptional cases and under certain diseases.

Sly said that Peyton Manning was one of the most prolific customers of the drug. Defender and his wife visited the clinic to get doping additives, Sly claimed. Soon he retracted his words, shown in the film, due to the fact that they were recorded without informing him. Later, he even said that he came up with this scandal in an attempt to impress a potential business partner.

Peyton Manning on the scandal

Despite the accusations of doping, Manning refused to admit any wrongdoing, still playing for the national football league. He almost immediately went to Peyton Manning HGH ESPN, Sports Network, for interviews. Star unequivocally denies any involvement, citing Al-Jazeera documentary as "rubbish". Manning spoke harshly about the information appeared, describing it as "totally fabricated garbage", and insisted that he had never looked for easy ways to return to football after a missed season of 2011 because of a neck injury. He also said that he supported the decision of NFL to investigate this case.

Super Bowl and Retirement

Doping allegations came in the playoff. Most of the league supported Manning, including the New England quarterback Tom Brady, a rival who gave him "full support" and Chip Kelly. Manning went on to win Super Bowl 50. The historic contest between him and Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton dominated the headlines. All seemed well, and then on March 7, 2016, he announced his retirement after nearly 20 seasons in the NFL.

NFL investigation

Drug use is a major challenge for the NFL officials. All players are randomly tested and those who are caught in the use of banned substances face penalties from fines to expulsion. The league started an investigation after reports that Manning has received deliveries and visited Indiana Foundation anti-aging clinic.

However, despite the power to punish players, the retirement of Peyton Manning made the investigation rather doubtful. As a former athlete, he has no reason to feel compelled to participate in the process. His retirement protects him from disclosure that could be potentially dangerous. However, before publishing a final statement, the league representatives interviewed Manning and his wife Ashley, who "provided full assistance to the investigation."

NFL also received all the necessary medical documentation on peyton manning and hgh and on the basis of this paperwork examination and numerous interviews they found no violations as to peyton manning on HGH.

Trade-union’s opinion

The trade-union and the players made their statement as to the results of the peyton manning hgh investigation.

"As a former player, Peyton Manning is free to do anything that in his opinion serves his interests, and anything that he believes in. We are sure that he is aware of the rights of players, defined by the collective agreement, and that he would never do anything that could hurt the players or infringe upon their rights,” said the union.

Did peyton manning use hgh?

Now when Peyton Manning is cleared of all suspicions, the league cannot say the same with the respect to other players. With the opening of "Green Bay” training camp the representatives of NFL plan to interview the lineback of “Packers” Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews, the former lineback Mike Neal and James Harrison, that is, all those who have been mentioned in the documentary of Al Jazeera on hgh peyton manning. Previously, all these players sent affidavit to the main office of NFL, and the league considered this sufficient, but now the opinion has changed, and league officials will meet with these players for interviews. At the same time it is emphasized that the rejection of the conversation will be considered as a part of a disciplinary punishment. Roger Goodell has vowed to seek justice on this matter as soon as the film of Al Jazeera was released.

At the same time the league promises that an interview with "Mr Matthews, Peppers and Harrison will be assigned on the first day of the training camp." The coach of “Packers” Mike McCarthy said that he did not speak with the players on this subject for a long time, only during the last season, and he has nothing more to add about this. He also believes that in the end, his players will be cleared of all suspicions.