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HRT Springs You Back To Action

Hormone therapy can successfully suppress the breast cancer that is hormone receptor positive and this means a few years of medications and checkups. The therapy also prevents the re-emergence of this form of cancer. For best results, the patients need […]

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Determining Low T through A Test

Testosterone is attributed as the male sex hormone but is also found in females. In testosterone deficient males, a blood test is the best way to determining the concentration of this hormone before administering the replacement therapy. There are two […]

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HGH vs Steroids

It is a great misconception that human growth hormone is the same as steroids. Comparing the two will lead to a great realization that HGH is in fact much more superior, natural, and safe than steroids. The debate of HGH […]

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What Is Low T

Low T is known as low testosterone, estimated to effect more than 15 million of men in the United States. Testosterone is a male hormone that is made by the male body and most of it is produced in the […]

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Treating symptoms of low testosterone

Most people think of testosterone in terms of men having spikes of it when they are angry or aroused. But in fact, it plays many more roles than that. It is perhaps the most important hormone in the male’s organism […]

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