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When To Start Testosterone Therapy ?

When To Start Testosterone TherapyAs we age, our bodies begin to shift to less productive beings. This is true in an external world, and even internally! Inevitably, with age comes a change in our bodies. One of the greatest changes both men and women experience are new levels in the hormones our organs secrete.

Women lose estrogen, while men lose testosterone. Low testosterone in men offer alarming short term and long term repercussions. Initially, when men enter puberty, it is testosterone that is responsible for developing a sex drive, deepening the vocal chords, building muscle mass and increase bone density.

With low testosterone, all effects of testosterone will begin to deteriorate.

There is no perfect age when to start testosterone therapy

The truth is, that doctors can not identify which age is best when to start testosterone therapy. This is because the health of everyone on this planet is entirely circumstantial and what may be advised for one 35 year old, may be the direct opposite of another. The bottom line when to start testosterone therapy is this: the age of thirty and older is when levels of testosterone will appear to start declining at a steady rate within a mans blood. At first, the rate (in a healthy man) is approximately 1-2% every year.

Take this same healthy man, and it would not be until middle age that he would begin to feel changes. By middle age ALL men will have some decline or another in their levels of testosterone. However, a significant number of men will have far lower levels of this hormone than what is considered to be "normal" for their age. It is then that taking action is highly recommended and essential for the well being of ones health, fitness and survival!

There are about thirteen million men over the age of 45 that have and suffer from low testosterone. Assuming you are producing the right levels of testosterone is never safe after the age of 30! Without any doubts, it is recommended and advised to consult a doctor before opting/considering when to start testosterone therapy - every human body is different!

Aging or medical condition? - When to start testosterone therapy

Considering when to start testosterone therapy is something that weighs heavily on the specific situation of the individual. In some, low testosterone levels is a repercussion of aging. But for many, it is the unfortunate devastation of a medical condition. There are many causes to low testosterone levels other than aging-the list is nearly infinite! There is a very natural tendency in men to convert testosterone into estrogen. It is common knowledge that after the age of forty, testosterone levels start to decline there on out at a permanency decrease rate of about 1% every year.

But this is not certain! There is no official rubric for doctors to rate your testosterone levels with, based on age alone! Testosterone declination is absolutely revolved around a sliding scale and only around three/fourths of men have "normal" hormone levels, even once they have aged. If you are experiencing low testosterone symptoms before the age of forty, getting to the doctor as soon as possible is your best bet! There are many factors that can influence the levels of your testosterone hormone-but one thing is certain-that hormone replacement therapy can work wonders for people with significant LOW testosterone levels.