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HGH vs Steroids

HGH vs SteroidsIt is a great misconception that human growth hormone is the same as steroids. Comparing the two will lead to a great realization that HGH is in fact much more superior, natural, and safe than steroids.

The debate of HGH vs. steroids has been going on for long enough that this fact is tested and proven. In fact, steroids can cause damage to your body that can never be repaired, leaving you worse off than you were before taking them.

Many people know a lot about steroids, but less have heard of HGH and realize how it functions. Read up on the topic so you can take your own position in HGH vs. steroids.

Facts only - HGH vs. steroids

The exposure surrounding steroid use is immaculate. Who hasn’t heard of an athlete or bodybuilder abusing these performance enhancing drugs to have an upper-hand? This brings them not only shame before their fans, but can also get them disqualified from the sport. In most cases steroids are used for all the wrong reasons in a way that is harmful to the body. In the short-term, that steroids do is increase the size of muscle cells by filling them with water. This water retention can outwardly look like enhanced muscles, and when you step on the scale you will notice a huge difference, but this is all water weight.

In due time this will subside and you will be left back to where you started. If you are lucky you wont suffer side effects and withdrawal symptoms, which are painful and hard to withstand. Some side effects of steroids include lower sperm count for males and even impotence, breast enlargement, and swelling of the testicles. Females experience reduction of breast size, unwanted facial hair, and deeper voice. Unlike steroids, HGH is not addictive and once you end your treatment cycle you will not experience withdrawal or any side effects.

In terms of price, HGH is also the better choice because they are fairly affordable, especially through us. Steroids will cause a huge dent in your financial status and wont enhance your health at all, even causing some illnesses that will force you to incur even greater medical costs. Most steroids are also required to be used as an injection, meanwhile other routes of administration of HGH are readily available and effective.

Make the choice - HGH vs. steroids

The choice is yours to make. Between HGH vs. steroids, the answer seems to be clear-cut. With no addictive properties and so many great benefits, HGH is the market leader for enhancing health and strength. HGH therapy is 100% safe so you don’t have to poison your body with toxic chemicals and unnatural substances. Your body will thank you with increased energy levels, lower body fat, leaner muscles, greater memory function, regulated blood pressure and insulin levels, an even sleep pattern, stronger bones, improved sexual performance, and more. These far outweigh the benefits of steroids, which are short lived. This is not to mention that HGH will not harm your body in the way that steroids do. HGH also diminishes the likelihood of various disorders and diseases, and prolongs your lifespan.

In the choice between HGH vs. steroids, it would be a great mistake to choose to take steroids. Besides all the bad rep that it gets, with all the valid information given it would make no sense to choose to harm your body instead of helping it in the long term. Take the next step to a healthier and happier life with HGH therapy available to you with our help.