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Synthetic HGH

Synthetic human growth hormone was developed in 1985 and approved by medical organizations for specific therapeutic purposes in children and adults. In children, synthetic hgh injections are approved for the treatment of small deviations in the growth rate due to unknown reasons, and poor growth in connection with a number of medical reasons, including:

  • Turner's syndrome - a genetic disorder that affects girls’ development.
  • Prader-Willy’s syndrome - a genetic disease that causes unusual poor muscle tone, low production of sex hormones and a constant feeling of hunger.
  • Chronic renal failure.
  • HGH deficiency.
  • Children that are born small for gestational age.

With adults, synthetic growth hormone is permitted at:

  • Short bowel syndrome - a state when the nutrients are not adequately absorbed due to the severe intestinal disease or surgical removal of the small intestine’s part.
  • HGH deficiency due to a rare pituitary tumor or its treatment.
  • Muscle diseases related to HIV / AIDS.

But the most common use of hgh synthetic is not approved by medicine. Some people use synthetic hgh along with other drugs such as anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass and to improve sports performance.

HGH levels naturally decreases with age, experts believe that products with HGH can reverse age-related changes. But these assumptions are not proved yet.

Synthetic recombinant HGH is produced based on the latest achievements of genetic engineering, with the genetic structure that is identical to the natural HGH produced by the human DNA. That's why synthetic HGH is completely safe in relation to toxins and does not have any significant adverse side effects. Application for medical purposes of HGH by both adults and children are officially approved and authorized in the United States and many other countries around the world.

Synthetic HGH for sale

Synthetic human growth hormoneOfficially in the US eight companies are admitted to produce synthetic hgh for sale. Only one farm giant Hoffmann-La Roche sells it at $ 400 million per year. Pfizer, (manufacturer of Gardasil), the second in sales in the United States, receives a significant share of the revenue from sales of the hormone as compared to its other products.

With this, experts in endocrinology believe that the number of patients eligible to receive legal prescription does not exceed 45 thousand people all over the country. And doctors say the main consumers of HGH are children, while the average age of buyers is 53 years!

Representatives of manufacturers of synthetic HGH justify this, asserting that they know about the problem and fight the abuses. They do not justify the use of HGH by bodybuilders and the older for the pursuit of the outgoing youth, but they are powerless to fully control the use of their products.

To date, a major supplier of illegal HGH in the United States is China. When there was an embargo on the imported illegal HGH in 2007, the sales of official manufacturers have jumped by 41%.

Despite numerous limitations, HGH is sold almost freely, and bodybuilders use it to burn fat and increase muscle mass.

This drug is one of the most expensive, except, perhaps, IGF-1. 4 I.U. bottles are sold at $ 125-150 per piece, large bottles of 10-13 I.U. are sold for $ 225-325 each, the exact price depends on the particular manufacturer. Do not forget that 13 I.U. is the average daily amount of medication and the cycle lasts from six weeks up to several months. Mexico is considered a very inexpensive place to buy the drug. Genotropin in bottles of 4 units is worth $ 94 per unit; Humatrope in 5 ml ampoules costs about $ 155.00 per vial; Norditropin in ampoules of 4 I.U. is sold for $ 55 per vial, 12 I.U. will cost you $ 140.

Synthetic HGH injections

Two of the most common approaches to the modulation of HGH in body are pharmaceutical and natural methods. Pharmaceutical approach is injection of synthetic HGH and still experimental oral synthetic hgh pills to enhance secretion. Injections are effective, but are too expensive for prolonged use. Moreover, they can cause side effects depending on the dose and manufacturer.

Why does safer natural version of synthetic hgh supplements work worse? The primary problem is to obtain the required nutrients in the active region of HGH secretion, i.e. in the brain. The body has many built-in barriers to prevent the entry of substances in the brain. For example, high doses of amino acids -like those required for more effective HGH release – are often degraded by liver enzymes.

These natural substances can stimulate HGH with a proven effective result when they bypass the barriers, as it is obtained by intravenous injections. 30 grams of such amino acid as arginine intravenously effectively increase the secretion of HGH from the pituitary gland, and it was primarily used as a provocative test for HGH release by the pituitary.

Synthetic HGH pills

Drug companies have developed drugs called HGH secretagogues, the means that increase its secretion. The drugs are based on the discovery that small chains of amino acids - peptides - can significantly release HGH. Most of these drugs are still considered experimental, but the most interesting thing is that they are effective in oral usage.

Positive effects that accompany synthetic HGH

Positive effects that accompany synthetic HGH:

  • suspension and reversing of the aging process;
  • loss of up to 15% of body fat for six months without any diets;
  • an increase in muscle mass for half of the year by 10% without additional exercises and grueling workouts;
  • flow of energy, increase of the endurance;
  • increase of sexual potency, libido activation;
  • increased ability to withstand stressful situations;
  • activation of immune function;
  • decrease in blood levels of "bad" cholesterol, normalization of blood pressure;
  • increase of vitality, reduction of fatigue;
  • disappearance of cellulite;
  • improve of visual function.

The complex usage in combination with other anti-aging drugs brings positive results even faster, and the dynamics of the resulting effect is truly stunning. In order to obtain optimal results without any harm to the body as a result of excessive use of HGH, the duration of therapeutic and prophylactic courses, the dosage, and all other aspects of anti-aging therapy must be monitored by a specialist.

Reasons for poor effects of hgh synthetic

There are many articles and posts in newsgroups that claim HGH is a waste of money and it does not perform those functions which are assigned to it. There are several reasons why people have such different effects from HGH. Firstly, it is used for too short time. Average length of HGH cycle is from six weeks to six months.

The price of the drug plays its role too. Many people simply cannot afford to buy the amount of drug required for effective operation. It seems to me that this drug in combination with insulin provides the difference and elaboration in muscle mass, which distinguishes amateur from the professional. To use this drug you need serious money. The cycle of HGH is worth several thousand dollars.

The third reason of allegations as to the ill-effect of growth hormone lies in the fact that most of the drugs bought illegally are not HGH, but usual HCG. No wonder that people complain about poor results. Try HCG cycle and see what happens. In the best case - bitch tits and itching eggs. No thanks, not for $200. For such a price you cannot buy HGH, and you cannot buy it everywhere. In order that HGH remains effective, it must be constantly frozen and kept at a constant 36-46 degrees temperature F (from about 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, i.e. – in a refrigerator). If someone sells you a warm vial of HGH, you can bet your money that something is wrong here.

And the last thing, many people never see the effect of the synthetic HGH because their bodies produce antibodies against it, rendering it useless. It is possible to get upset if five thousand dollars spent on a cycle go down the drain.