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How to use Humatrope pen full guide


It is obligatory to read this manual attentively before applying HumatroPen 6 mg. It is important to apply the Pen if you want to get the best result with the Humatrope treatment. In case of some failures during the application of the Pen, you can receive too little or too much Humatrope during injection.


HumatroPen 6 mg is a special device for injections designed for the application of Humatrope 6 mg cartidges. Your HGH specialist has prescribed the dose of the Humatrope and the Pen that you or your child should administer.

and the Pen that you or your child should administer.

Never change the dose or Pen yourself only if your HGH specialist recommended this.

In case your HGH specialist changes the prescription from 6 mg cartridge to 12 mg or 24 mg Humatrope Cartridge, it is obligatory to buy a new HumatroPen to fit the new cartridge.

Before applying the HumatroPen 6 mg, be sure to read this user instruction attentively. It describes the Pen operations and includes a trouble shooting guide in case of any questions.

  • When there is such a sign in this instruction, you should be very careful.
  • NEVER USE the Pen in case it or the cartridge is broken or has the signs of damaging. Apply to your HGH specialist.
  • Be sure to use a 6 mg carridge with the HumatroPen 6 mg. If they do not match, NEVER USE them and apply to your HGH specialist. This is significant for being sure in the correct dose of Humatrope administered.
  • NEVER USE the Humatrope Cartridge after the expiration date.
  • Keep up to Part 2 ONLY to attach a new cartridge before the first application.
  • Part 3 should be used for every injection.
  • NEVER transfer the substance of the cartridge into a squirt.
  • NEVER share your needle with other person. It is possible to get infected or infect someone else.
  • It is not recommended to use the HumatroPen 6 mg by blind people or visually impaired individuals without the help.

About pen needles

What types of needles should be applied with the HumatroPen 6 mg?
  • Needles are not attached. You might require a prescription from your pharmacist to get the needles.
  • Among the suitable needles are the ones from Becton, Dickinson and Company.
  • Consult your HGH specialist what needle gauge and length is the best for you.
  • Keep up with your HGH specialist’s recommendations about safe handling of needles.
Is it obligatory to use a new needle for every new injection?
  • Certainly, you should use a new needle every new injection.
  • The needle should be removed after the injection. Every new injection should be done with a new needle. This will protect you from the possible infection, prevent leakage of the drug, keep out air bubbles and reduce the clogs of needle.

What to do with a used needle?

  • It is necessary to throw away the used needles in a puncture-prof container. Ask your HGH specialist how to do this safely.

How to care and store the humatroPen 6 mg

  • Clean the soiled parts with a damp cloth. NEVER APPLY alcohol or other cleaning agents.
  • NEVER SOAK or plunge the Pen into liquid.
  • NEVER USE oil or other lubricants.
  • It is necessary to store HumatroPen 6 mg with the cartridge attached in a storage case in the fridge until the next injection. NEVER FREEZE IT.
  • Humatrope cartridges and diluent must be kept at temperatures between 36°F to 46°F (+2°C and +8°C). NEVER FREEZE THEM. Attached cartridge can be kept on a Pen for 28 days in the fridge. NEVER USE the attached cartridge after the period of 28 days.
  • Keep the HumatroPen 6 mg with the prepared cartridge at room temperature for 10 minutes before the injection. If you inject cold Humatrope, you can notice some discomfort at the site of the injection.
  • NEVER KEEP the Pen with the attached needle.

Humatropen 6 Parts

HumatroPen Pen Needles parts (needles are nor attached) HumatroPen Parts


Make sure to keep up with the reconstitution directions as it is given in the Humatrope Cartridge Kit.

Fulfill the New Cartridge Setup only when you need to start a new cartridge. DO NOT REPEAT this procedure daily. If you do this, you can run out of the medication soon.

New Cartridge Setup

Stage A: Check the Pen and The Cartridge


Make sure that the cartridge:

Has a label 6 mg

Has the valid expiration date

Has clear and free of particles contents

Warning! NEVER USE the cartridge after the expiration date.

NEVER USE THE PEN in case of the Pen or the cartridge has any signs of damage or are broken. Apply to your HGH specialist.


Take off the Pen Cap


Check the Injection Button and the Front Housing to make sure that it is a 6 mg Pen.

Check that the number on the Front Housing fits the cartridge strength on the label. If they do not fit, apply to your HGH specialist.



Push the Screw back with the help of the White Tip of the Cartridge.

Warning! The Screw might not be out when you get the Pen.


Warning! In case the cartridge is attached incompletely, the Screw might not move and you can apply incorrect dose.

Humatropen-Dosage Check the Injection Button and the Front Housing to be sure it is a 6 mg Pen.


Humatrope injections and cap

Take off the Paper Tab from the end of the Outer Cap.


Push the needle right onto the 6 mg cartridge and screw on clockwise till secure.

  • Remove the Outer Cap and the Inner Cap.
  • Store the Outer Cap to take off the needle after the injection.




It is necessary to set up the pen before the first dose injecting with every new 6 mg cartridge.

While you set up a new cartridge, it is necessary to get rid of the air bubbles that can appear after reconstitution.

If the stream does not appear after a couple of attempts, apply to your HGH specialist or Lilly.

Make Injection



Is it necessary to fulfill the New Cartridge Setup before every injection?

  • No. The New Cartridge Setup is fulfilled only when a new cartridge is attached, when it will be used firstly.
  • This is done to ensure that the HumatroPen 6 mg and cartridge 6 mg are ready for the injection.
  • If you fulfill New Cartridge Setup before every injection, you will run out of the medication early. The small amount of medicine used in the Setup will not influence the supply of Humatrope.

What should be done in case the Pen and the Cartridge label do not fit?

  • NEVER USE the Pen if the Cartridge strength on the label does not fit the number on the Pen's Front Housing. This is necessary to define whether the right dose of Humatrope is injected.
  • Apply to your HGH specialist for help or replacement.

What should be done if the Humatrope is not clear after mixing?

  • Invert the Pen gently up and down 10 times. NEVER SHAKE. Then, keep the Pen still for no less than 3 minutes. If any particles remain or the solution is cloudy, invert the pen 10 more times. Let the Pen keep still for additional 5 minutes.
  • If the particles remain or the solution is cloudy after mixing, NEVER USE IT. Apply to your HGH specialist for help.

Why can air bubbles appear in the cartridge?

  • They can appear in the cartridge after mixing.
  • When the Pen is kept with the attached needle, air bubbles may form in the cartridge. NEVER KEEP the Pen with the attached needle.
  • Fulfill the New Cartridge Setup to get rid of the air bubbles from the cartridge.
  • If there is a small air bubble, it is ok. It will not do any harm nor influence the dose.

What are the reasons that the Screw does not move out when there is no cartridge attached?

  • This may happen if you push the Injection Button unless there is a cartridge in the Pen. This feature lets you easily push the Screw into the Pen Body during cartridge replacement.
  • When you attach the cartridge, the Screw will move out when the Injection Button is pushed.

I can’t attach the cartridge to the Pen, what should I do?

  • Be sure that the cartridge has no signs of damage and is not broken.
  • Line up the cartridge with the Pen Body carefully and screw together till safe. If you cannot do this, apply to your HGH specialist.

Sometimes it is difficult to Push the Injection Button when I try to inject the dose, why is it so?

  • Try a new needle as this one may be clogged.
  • If you push the Injection Button down quickly, it makes the button harder to push. Push it more slowly and it will work easier.
  • If you use a larger diameter Needle, it will be easier to push the button. Consult your HGH specialist which needle is the most suitable for you.
  • This may occur when inside the Pen gets dirty with Humatrope, food, drink, or other materials.

The Dose Knob does not go to zero when I inject the dose, why is it so?

  • This can occur if the cartridge does not have enough medicine for the dose left. Sometimes, you can dial a larger dose than the amount of the medication left in the cartridge. After the injection, you should see the mark 0.00 in the Dose Window. If you see some other numbers, this means the amount of the medicine that WAS NOT injected. Ask your HGH specialist how to handle with a partial dose. Take off the needle and the used cartridge. For the next dose use a new cartridge as it was told in Part 2, Stage A and proceed with New Cartridge Setup (Part 2).

Why is the Humatrope leaking from the needle after the injection?

A single drop to remain on the tip of the needle after you have finished the injection is not a problem. If there is more than 1 drop:

  • You may have not injected the full dose. NEVER INJECT another dose. Ask your HGH specialist for help.
  • To prevent this in the next dose, push the Injection Button firmly in and slowly count to five (see Part 3, Stage 3).

How to understand that the injection is complete?

It is complete if:

  • You have counted to 5 slowly still pressing the Injection Button in and until you remove the needle from the skin.
  • You see 0.00 in the Dose Window.