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What is Humatrope and What Is It Used for

Humatrope is an approved and controlled medicine, containing somatropin, identical to the growth hormone the human body’s pituitary gland produces. Humatrope human growth hormone is a protein of recombinant DNA origin and has 191 amino acid sequence, exactly like real, naturally-produced HGH. Due to this, Humatrope growth hormone is capable of compensating for the insufficient secretion of growth hormone in children and adults.


So, what does Humatrope treat? Humatrope HGH is prescribed to pediatric and adult patients, who suffer from human growth hormone deficiency, caused by a variety of reasons. The most common conditions Humatrope is used for are:

  • abnormally low level of natural HGH secretion in adults and children;
  • short stature caused by Turner’s syndrome in children and adults;
  • ISS (idiopathic short stature) in children and adults;
  • HGH deficiency, caused by trauma, radiation, surgery, pituitary disease in adults;
  • SGA condition in children (short stature from birth);
  • SHOX (short stature because of homeobox-containing gene) deficiency in adults and children.

Important Safety Information for Humatrope

Is Humatrope safe? Basically, it is, but not for everyone. Humatrope HGH has a number of precautions. For patients with the following medical conditions Humatrope can present serious health risk:

  • diabetic retinopathy in pediatric and adult patients;
  • complications after surgery, including abdominal and open heart surgery;
  • serious trauma and injuries involving major body organs;
  • breathing problems that present a threat to the patient’s life;
  • active cancer;
  • severe obesity or breathing problems in children with Praeder-Willi syndrome;
  • allergic reactions to human growth hormone, glycerin, or metacresol.

What Should I Discuss with My Healthcare Doctor Before Using Humatrope?

HumatropeIt is important for your doctor to know of any serious medical conditions and trauma you have had, as well as other medication you are currently taking or took before. That is why, before you start taking Humatrope growth hormone, consult your doctor about the following. Risk of diabetes: if you are in the risk group for diabetes because of your previous medical history or family history, your doctor should monitor your blood sugar level while you are on Humatrope, as there have been cases of type 2 diabetes developing in patients who were treated with Humatrope.

Risk of cancer: If you have or used to have tumors (especially if you used to have a brain tumor treated with radiation), you need to be under careful medical supervision while on Humatrope HGH. It is also recommended to check the moles you have on your skin in the course of your therapy.

Risks for children with Praeder-Willi syndrome: children with Praeder-Willi syndrome, especially male patients, are under considerable risk if they have obesity, sleep apnea, or serious breathing problems.

To ensure your treatment is safe, inform your doctor if you have any of the mentioned conditions or medical history, as well as major surgery or injuries. It is critical to be sure Humatrope treatment will not present any risk for your health.

How Should I Use Humatrope?

Humatrope dosage available is 6 mg, 12 mg, and 24 mg cartridges. These cartridges are meant for use with special Humatrope injection pens (HumatroPen). The Humatrope injection device is designed to adjust the precise Humatrope dosage as needed for each injection, and allows administering a variety of doses. There is a needle cover in each of the Humatrope injection pens, so the injection is done with the needle hidden from view.

Humatrope is also available in the form of vial that can be used with a regular syringe and needle. In that case, the Humatrope kit contains 5 mg of dried Humatrope growth hormone and 5 mL of diluent for reconstituting.

The way you use your Humatrope medication depends on the form your buy it in, so be sure to carefully follow the instructions, supplied along with your Humatrope kit.

Where to Inject Humatrope?

Humatrope instructions indicate the following areas for Humatrope administration:

  • front of the upper thigh;
  • upper outer buttocks;
  • abdomen (around the navel);
  • back of the arm, between the elbow and the shoulder.

To prevent irregular fat distribution and some other negative effects, it is recommended to rotate injection spots.

What Should I Avoid While Using Humatrope?

Certain other medication can influence the way Humatrope impacts your body, so it is important to discuss this with your doctor before you start taking Humatrope, as well as consult him/her if you need to take other medication while on Humatrope.

The effects of Humatrope on patients who are pregnant or breast-feeding are not verified, so it is important to inform your doctor immediately if you get pregnant or are planning to get pregnant while on Humatrope.

Humatrope Side Effects and Benefits

So what does Humatrope do? By normalizing the level of human growth hormone in the patient’s body, Humatrope successfully eliminates the symptoms of HGH deficiency in children and adults. Besides, due to its ability to promote cell growth, burn fat, and increase metabolism on all levels, Humatrope has a number of weight loss and anti aging effects. The numerous Humatrope benefits include:

  • normalized growth and stature in children;
  • increased bone length and muscle weight in children;
  • increased muscle weight and fat loss in adults;
  • improved sleep, mood, increased energy and stamina;
  • improved condition of skin and hair due to cellular growth;
  • and many others.

Humatrope can also have undesired side effects, which appear because of the body’s individual reaction on somatropin or improper use or storage of the medication. To minimize the risk of Humatrope side effects, make sure you follow the prescription and the instructions precisely. You should inform your doctor immediately if you notice any of these potential Humatrope side effects:

  • vision issues or pain in your eyes;
  • allergic reactions, such as difficulty breathing or swelling;
  • numbness or tingling in the limbs;
  • headaches or pain in the joints;
  • irritation or inflammation in the injection spot;
  • increased thirst, hunger, urination;
  • symptoms of cold, such as sneezing and sore throat.

Humatrope 12 mg Pen (Eli Lilly) Instruction

Eli Lilly Humatrope is supplied with a Humatrope pen and Humatrope cartridges. An Eli Lilly Humatrope kit will normally contain one syringe, prefilled with diluent, and one cartridge with dry powder (Humatrope 12 mg, 6 mg, or 24 mg). To prepare Eli Lilly Humatrope for your injection, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the needle cover from the syringe containing diluent liquid.
  2. Hold the syringe straight against the cartridge.
  3. Push the cartridge in until it stops and you hear a click.
  4. Push and release the plunger on the syringe until all the liquid is in the cartridge.
  5. Remove the syringe and discard it, as detailed in the instruction.
  6. Mix the vial in the cartridge by gently rotating it 10 times and leave it for 3 minutes. Do not shake the cartridge.
  7. If the solution is clear, the cartridge is ready for use in your HumatroPen.

Eli Lilly Humatrope is always supplied with a detailed, illustrated instruction as to mixing and administering Humatrope. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully for safe use of your injections.

Humatrope vs Jintropin

The main difference between Humatrope vs Jintropin is that the latter is manufactured in China and there has been a debate as to the use of the medication in the US.

Humatrope vs Genotropin

Both brands contain HGH, identical to the natural one in molecular structure; both are manufactured in the US and have a similar pricing range and indications for use.

Humatrope vs Norditropin

Both brands have similar indications for use, but the price on Humatrope is a little higher. The major difference between the brands is that Norditropin comes already mixed, in pre-filled cartridges, while Humatrope needs to be reconstituted.

Humatrope vs Omnitrope

Omnitrope and Humatrope are fairly similar in use and the form they are supplied in. Both are produced by recombinant DNA technology and are identical to the real human growth hormone.

Humatrope vs Serostim

Serostim, like Humatrope, is somatropin of rDNA origin. It is prescribed for the same conditions, but it’s also used to increase body weight in HIV patients with wasting.

Humatrope vs Nutropin

Both brands contain 191 amino acid sequence human growth hormone, and are prescribed both to junior and adult patients. Like Humatrope, Nutropin is available with convenient injection pens.

Humatrope vs Hygetropin

Unlike Humatrope, produced in the US, Hygetropin is a China-manufactured and approved somatropin injection. The structure of the hormone and the manufacturing technology is the same, but Hygetropin may be less expensive.

Humatrope vs Riptropin

Both Humatrope and Riptropin contain quality HGH, equivalent to the naturally produced hormone. The indications for use are similar, but with its advanced administration kit, and given that Riptropin is manufactured in China, Humatrope may differ in pricing.

What Happens if Humatrope Gets Warm?

Molecules of human growth hormone are known to be fragile, which is why the medication requires special storage conditions. When Humatrope gets warm, its effects may change, so it is important to stick to the recommended storage conditions to make sure the injections still have the desired effects and there is no risk for your health. According to the manufacturer, Humatrope must be stored in a refrigerator, at temperatures of 36° to 46°F /2° to 8°C, both before and after it is reconstituted. The mixed solution can be stored in a refrigerator for up to 28 days. Remember both the dry powder and the mixed solution must not be frozen or heated.

How Much Does Humatrope Cost?

The question “what is the cost of Humatrope” is one of the most frequently asked ones, and for good reason: human growth hormone replacement therapy is currently not covered by insurance companies, so patients have to cover the expenses themselves. The total Humatrope cost can be determined when you obtain your prescription, which is why most online suppliers cannot state a specific Humatrope price. On average, the Humatrope cost per IU is $20-$23, and the total will depend on the dosage for each injection, the number of injections per week, and the duration of your course. Also, Humatrope cost may be higher for the medication supplied with HumatroPen, and slightly lower for the vial, meant for regular syringes. Plus, online suppliers are normally able to offer a more competitive Humatrope price than traditional pharmacies.

Where Can I Buy Humatrope?

Humatrope for sale is available both online and offline. If you prefer to buy Humatrope from a doctor or in a pharmacy, you can do that. The thing is, though, that not every physician has Humatrope for sale or is even willing to prescribe it, because it requires specialized expertise in hormones and hormone replacement therapy. Smaller local pharmacies will probably not have Humatrope for sale either.

If you can’t find where to get Humatrope locally, the easiest way to purchase Humatrope is online. You’ll see that if you type “where can I buy Humatrope” into the search field, your search will yield hundreds of results. To be sure you purchase real Humatrope, do your research about the supplier and make sure they are doing their business legally and have positive feedback from other customers.

Order and Purchase Humatrope Online

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