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All you need to know about Low T

Symptoms of low testosterone in men by age

There are many hormones in the body of every man, but one of them is the most important and multi-functional. Testosterone is responsible for the physiological processes, sexual energy, strength, ability to work both mentally and physically, and so forth. Every man needs to know about this hormone to understand its importance and benefit to the organism. Testosterone is the main hormone of males.

What is Low Testosterone (Low T)?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is responsible for everything that is considered to be masculine. It gives the man a rough voice, bristle, brutal behavior, potency, hair on the body and much more. And what will happen if the level of testosterone decreases? Does a man cease to be a man? This question should be studied thoroughly, because it is not rare now to meet low t in men.

Any man can face the problem of low t. It is impossible to say that one is immune. With age, testosterone levels are gradually declining, which is quite a natural phenomenon. Although it should be noted that a representative of the stronger sex can counteract this in a way.

And since we are talking about age, then it can be called one of the most common causes of low t, because of which testosterone levels in men decrease. In adulthood, the hormone may cease to be produced in full. In addition, over the time, estrogen accumulates in the body of any man. And it is the female sex hormone. It is logical that the normal level of testosterone in men cannot coexist with an increased amount of estrogen.

Reduced levels of sex hormone may be the result of any hormonal disruptions. They happen for various reasons, which need to be found out with low t doctors.

Bad habits often provoke low t levels. Alcohol and tobacco affect the entire body negatively, not excluding hormones. Yes, hormones cannot be in order in the body, which is systematically poisoned with toxins, waste products and other harmful substances.

Obesity is another enemy of masculinity. Fat, flour, smoked, fried, cured, salty and sweet products lead to obesity, because of which hormone strap decreases. It is necessary to monitor your weight, so that it does not cause low testosterone.

Low t symptoms can appear if a person experiences a severe disease, the body is struggling with illness and therefore, the testosterone level in men falls. All of this has to do with a serious illness when many internal systems suffer. This may also include diseases of the reproductive system.

Finally, even a reduced level of physical activity may lead to the fact that sex hormone level is reduced. It is important and necessary for every person to move to be healthy.

Low T signs and symptoms

Symptoms of low t is quite characteristic, but only if the person is able to compare all the features of the observation and the way he behaves.

Of course, a variety of tests and studies will provide the most accurate results. Yet it makes sense to find out what causes low t.

First of all, observe the condition of your hair, skin and nails. In general, all this is a great indicator of the overall health of a person, because any deviations and violations in the inner working of the body are reflected in hair, nails and skin. One of the major low t level symptoms is an active hair loss. Slightly less common low t symptoms in men are nail plate exfoliation, the appearance of rash, redness and itching on the skin.

Hair loss is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. But far more terrible and tragic for the men is the loss of sexual consistency. Low t causes not only the loss or reduction of libido (sexual arousal level), but the disturbances of erection and potency. All this is impossible without testosterone.

Hence comes another problem. Even if a man does not lose potency due to low hormone content, it becomes impossible for him to conceive.

Also, people may notice a dramatic weight gain in men with low t, as testosterone provides not only the sexual power but also other metabolic processes in the body.

Due to the lack of male sex hormone, breast augmentation may begin. Breast becomes like a female. Of course, it will not grow to enormous size, but it can "droop" easily. It is possible to solve this problem only surgically.

Low t for men can lead to changes in terms of behavior. Man becomes irritated, nervous. Constant fatigue torments him, he does not sleep and always feels tired.

Low T Testing

To find out your testosterone level, you need to take a blood test. A small amount of blood from a vein is taken for the analysis. How to do a test for low t correctly so as to get an objective result? To do this, you need to know and comply with the following requirements:

  • Analysis is taken in the morning until 11 o'clock.
  • Do not smoke 4 hours before the analysis.
  • 12 hours prior to blood test you shouldnot eat; drink only water.
  • A day before the analysis it is necessary to give up alcohol, hormonal drugs, barbiturates, antipsychotics, cardiac glycosides, diuretics. These substances may affect the testosterone levels in the body.
  • Avoid intense exercise.
  • You cannot take the test if the body temperature is raised.

The contents of male hormone in the body can vary quite widely, so experts often recommend to pass the test several times at regular intervals to see an objective clinical picture. However, a feature of this compound is that its rate may be normal, according to the analysis, but in reality, all the signs of its apparent lack or excess may be present. The fact is that testosterone may be present in the body in a free state, and in a combination with proteins. When it is the part of the combination, it has no biological activity. Only testosterone in the free state and its form associated with albumin effect the body.

How to get a prescription for Low T therapy

It is much easier to lower testosterone levels than to raise it. But it seems a doable task if you apply certain efforts.

Low t treatment should be started with referring to a specialist. This can be a therapist, endocrinologist or other doctor at low t clinic. Most likely, you will have to pass all of these specialists at low t center. After detailed analyzes and studies,low t treatment options will be offered to you. These may be preparations for the regulation of hormonal levels and other medications that are able to raise the level of the male sex hormone.

Do not self-appoint treatment for low t, because it has a lot of side effects and contraindications.

When low t therapy is prescribed, it will return the libido and normalize erection, body hair will start to grow again, the mass density of the bones and muscles will increase.

Best Treatment for Low T

Before starting the treatment of androgen deficiency, it is necessary to identify the exact reasons for its occurrence. The treatment of testosterone deficiency in men is done by assigning hormone replacement therapy. Preparations that contain testosterone are used as monotherapy or in combination with other drugs. According to low t symptoms and treatment prescription this may be injections, pills, a special gel or hormone-based adhesive with its contents. The best low t treatment is testosterone injections. In therapy, hormone injections are used for a long time, and have become a proven tool.