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How to raise testosterone

Raise your testosteroneThe role of testosterone in the body cannot be overestimated, since it gives courage to our men, identifying relevant traits and qualities, and does not get round the women in a bypass: stress tolerance, ability to conceive, normal libido - all these things are thanks to testosterone. This hormone has a steroid nature, is synthesized in the testes, adrenal glands, ovaries, placenta and liver by the body.

Testosterone has been actively involved in the formation of male genitalia, in the regulation of potency, affects the sperm production. Sometimes with age or other reasons, the amount of testosterone in the blood decreases, so you have to look for different ways to raise testosterone.

And now it's time to move on directly to the practical part of the research and to consider ways to raise testosterone levels in men in order to achieve more significant results. There are three main methods of raising testosterone:

1. Adjustment of a diet

2. Adjustment of the mode: sleep - physical work (training)

3. Application of specific medicines based on testosterone

How to raise testosterone in males

Adjustment of a diet

This technique is the most natural and hence safer manner of how to raise testosterone.

Products that raise your testosterone

First of all you need to focus on foods that raise testosterone fast:

  • Products rich in zinc: mussels, oysters, crabs, crayfish, lean fish, beef liver, animal meat (boiled beef). The main advantage of zinc is that it does not allow the male sex hormone to transform into a female sex hormone, contributing to the accumulation of body fat and weight loss of muscle mass.
  • Eating products rich in fats of omega-3 group: nuts, fatty fish, vegetable oils, olives, avocados. Fats contribute to the synthesis of testosterone. Therefore, it is preferable that half of your daily diet includes this category of products.
  • Increased consumption of fiber: vegetables, fruits, legumes. Many of these representatives have a reactive component resveratrol, which is an estrogen agonist and does not allow it to accumulate in the liver.
  • Protein food: meat, eggs and so on. It helps to stabilize the testosterone level with a tendency to increase its content in the body.
  • Cholesterol-containing products are the things that raise testosterone. As paradoxical as it looks in the light of mass media propaganda of the harmful effect of this element, cholesterol is one of the main producers of testosterone. However, the abuse of this group of products is really not worth it. So, how to raise your testosterone with the help of cholesterol? It will be enough to use daily amount of fatty meat, the energy value of which will be equal to one-eighth of the energy value of all food that is used per day.
  • The use of products with high vitamins content. Firstly, vitamin C, as testosterone is in a direct dependence of it. The greatest number of the vitamin is in rose hips, which can be used both raw or in the form of tea or broth.
  • Small amount of alcohol. First of all, we are talking about red wine.

The category of products, consumption of which you need to restrict if you are interested in how to raise low testosterone:

  • Salt and products with excessive salt content. Sodium, which is the basis of edible salt, has the ability to stop the natural production of testosterone.
  • Semi-finished products. Many of them contain antibiotic and hormonal substances, many of which are antipodes of testosterone.
  • Caffeine.

Group of products which should be completely excluded from the diet if you are thinking how to raise my testosterone:

  • Soybeans and soy products popular nowadays – they are full of estrogen.
  • Beer suppresses testosterone and activates estrogen.
  • Adjustment of the mode: sleep - physical work (training)

This regime is necessary to achieve three important goals:

  • Fighting fat deposits as overweight triggers the production of estrogen.
  • Build quality muscle mass. This fact in itself catalyzes the metabolic processes of the body and helps to accelerate the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Proper allocation of time to sleep (at least six and not more than nine hours - preferably at night) and the exercise allows the man to abstract from psychological problems. Thus, this mode becomes a kind of remedy for stress.

The use of medical and other drugs based on testosterone if you worry how to raise testosterone quickly

Testosterone is less active hormone and its effect is due to the interaction with reductase enzymes and subsequent transformation into hyperactive compound. If specialized drugs increasing testosterone levels are used, almost all the specific gravity of the hormone is transformed into an active connection that allows you to achieve maximum results. However, this is the main problem of this kind of drugs. With their systematic use the body temporarily stops the independent production of testosterone. Therefore, they can be applied only during short duration courses and under the supervision of a qualified professional.

How to raise testosterone in females

Lack of testosterone affects the sexual responsiveness of woman. In particular, the attraction to men disappears; orgasm does not occur or occurs very rarely and is dim. Without it, the muscle tissue is quickly converted to fat and skin quickly loses elasticity. In addition, woman gets tired easily in case of the shortage of the hormone.

How to Raise Testosterone in Women?

  • Sleep at least 6-8 hours a night
  • Reduce stress
  • Receive 1000-1500 mg of vitamin C every day
  • Get enough vitamins A, B and E
  • Strength training, and at the same time enough rest
  • Have sex
  • Abstain from alcohol and grapefruit

Ways to raise testosterone levels

What raises testosterone levels?

  • Proper and adequate nutrition. Try to eat organic fruits and vegetables, avoid stuffed chemistry products. Fast food, soda, snacks contain too many calories lead to obesity. Malnutrition can also cause inhibition of hormone production.
  • Weight. Scientists have proved that the excess of ideal body weight by 30% leads to a decrease in testosterone production by 10-20% with each passing year.
  • Weight loss promotes the synthesis of testosterone, and increase the level of testosterone helps burn fat.
  • Exercise. Athletes know how to raise testosterone in men. The best way to raise testosterone is training with resistance.
  • Healthy sleep. Terms of sleep how to raise male testosterone: total darkness, silence, fresh air.
  • Exclusion of bad habits. Alcohol and nicotine adversely affect the body in general and potency in particular.
  • Take medicine carefully.
  • Be sexually active.

Testosterone in a really serious relationship

How do you raise your testosterone? According to the scientist’s, power provokes raising the level of the hormone. Therefore, find your power, especially at work. May be, it is enough to be in subjection? Or it's time for a raise? Think about it at your leisure.

Testosterone is produced with other hormones and endorphins in particular. That is, if you're happy, you are strong. This is a fundamentally more efficient method in how to raise testosterone in females and males.

Good news for women

Scientists have proved that the marriage reduces men testosterone levels. So, if your fiance is looking at other women, if he makes you jealous and this hurts you, then marry him. When a child is born, a man sharply reduces levels of testosterone.

Now you know how to "calm down" even the most notorious womanizer and how to raise testosterone safely. If you are in doubt and long to get more information on the matter fill in the form on our site and get a professional doctor's advice.