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What is Low t? Leading Cause of Men’s Bedroom Worries

Leading Cause of Men’s Bedroom WorriesWhen the condition of low t strikes, most men get depressed, lonely and ultimately lose all hope. The sexual dysfunction, the low energy levels, the inability to focus and lateral mood changes are all the telltale signs of low t.

It is said that all best things in life are temporary and some men would agree with that. However, it must be noted that if you are referring to low t, then that is a treatable condition. So, what is low t?

The testosterone downswing

The gradual decline in testosterone levels is natural. It usually goes unnoticed because it occurs simultaneously with aging.

Though there are various treatment options for androgen deficiency, in some cases the complexity levels makes it hard to determine the right dose. Moreover declining testosterone in blood can lead to erectile dysfunction.

What can I do?

Well, the simple answer is, discuss your symptoms of low t with a doctor. However, the patients are always what is low t? Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between the signs of low t and the changes occurring due to normal aging. After all, most of the sufferers of low t are aging men. Once you consult a physician and undertake a set of tests, it will be easier to identify your condition.

The Endocrine Society has confirmed that men with diabetes type 2 take the low t test to get their testosterone levels checked. Since diabetes type 2 men have increased chances of having low t symptoms, testosterone replacement therapy will be of special value for them.

Taking your t back to normal

In some cases, the testosterone levels don’t decline so sharply, but the symptoms are just enough to raise concerns. The best part is that the solutions in the form of testosterone replacement therapy are designed by pharmaceutical companies to cater to the needs of different patients. Now which of the following low T treatments are feasible for you can be decided by the doctor. Let’s discuss a few options you should know about.

Testosterone gels

The gels or cream formulations have a certain degree of effectiveness. They are meant for topical application and their daily use is recommended. Once the gel or cream is applied, it gets absorbed through the skin. The effects start to appear after a few days use.

Testosterone Injections

The injectable formulation is a more concentrated form and hence it is recommended by doctors for patients who are facing great decline in testosterone levels. To meet the hormonal deficiency, the doctors would recommend testosterone injections in upper buttock for up to 2 weeks.

Testosterone Patches

Where a testosterone patch can help you cope with deficiency, you need not use injections. While using the patch, the absoption mode is the skin. They can be used on a daily basis to meet hormonal deficiency. For any further information about the usage seek medical advice and study instructions on the package.

Testosterone Pellets

The insertion of pallets involves a surgical procedure in which the pellet is placed under the skin near the hip region. This process allows slow penetration of the formulation into the bloodstream. The gradual flow of testosterone maintains steady levels of hormone in blood.

Testosterone Buccal Tablet

As the name indicates, this tablet is applied to the gum area in the buccal cavity. The formulation gets absorbed in the gum region within a period of 12 hours. Note: All the above mentioned treatment options are approved by FDA so you need not worry about the credibility and safety of use.