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Best hgh on the marketHuman growth hormone therapy is quickly gaining popularity as a way to not only treat medical conditions, caused by HGH deficiency, but also virtually turn back time and bring back the health and physical shape of your youth. Human growth hormone has proven effective for strengthening the bones, improving skin and hair condition, reducing fat level, and increasing muscle weight.

However, for these miraculous results to show, it’s crucial that the patient receives the best human growth hormone medication that is of high quality and meets the patient’s medical needs perfectly. With the huge variety of products and brands on the market, it is difficult to tell which is the best HGH to take.

That is why most people, interested in starting HGH therapy, google and ask around “What is the best human growth hormone?” The best HGH forms, manufacturers, and products is what we’ll try to figure out in this post.

What is the best HGH

Actually, the question “What is the best HGH?” is not quite correct. Your medication is either real human growth hormone or it is not, and if it is, it will work. So the real question is what the best HGH form, manufacturer, and brand to purchase is. The criteria you should use to evaluate any HGH medication are the following:

  • Form. You will find retailers offering human growth hormone in a variety of forms: injections, pills, sprays, and even sticker patches. Which of these is the optimal? That we will discuss further in more detail.
  • Whether or not it contains actual HGH. Injections contain actual human growth hormone, whereas sprays or patches are so-called HGH releasers that only claim to trigger the body’s natural production of HGH.
  • Purity. Some brands contain pure human growth hormone; others may contain remains of bacteria or other substances. Amino acid sequence. Amino acid sequence of the growth hormone produced by the human body is 191. Some medication contains human growth hormone with 191 amino acid sequence, which is the exact replica of natural HGH. Others contain somatrem, a mimic of the hormone with 192 amino acid sequence.
  • Country of manufacturing. As you may guess, the procedures of drug certification and the regulations concerning medication are much stricter in the US and the EU than they are in Asian countries, so the country of production may mean a lot in terms of quality and safety of an HGH product.

Best Type of HGH

As mentioned above, if you do a little research, you will see that human growth hormone is offered by numerous suppliers in various forms. But the truth is that most of these do not even contain the hormone. It is important to know that molecules of human growth hormone are quite big and cannot come through the skin; also, they are fragile, so they wouldn’t survive shaking or rubbing.

This means that patches or sprays couldn’t possibly be the best type of HGH: the molecules would not be able to pass through the skin, nor would they survive the shaking that a spray implies. Products of these types are marketed as HGH products, but in fact they do not contain the hormone and can not be considered as an effective treatment method. Pills can not contain real growth hormone either, because the fragile HGH molecules would be destroyed by the stomach acid as the pills are digested.

The best form of HGH - and the only one really effective, for that matter - is injections. Injectable HGH is stored refrigerated and has to be handled very carefully, so the molecules remain unharmed. Injections deliver the hormone directly into the patient’s blood, ensuring effective treatment.

What Is the Best HGH to Take?

So what is the best HGH to take? Besides the form, there are other important criteria that can help you determine the best option for your therapy. For the treatment to have the desired effect, the medication must contain actual hormone, not supplements that supposedly trigger its production. Keep in mind that real HGH is synthesized in a lab, plants do not produce it, so a ‘natural’ HGH product is nothing more than a marketing legend.

The best HGH to take must be pure and must have 191 amino acid sequence, identical to that of the hormone your pituitary gland produces. Products with impure hormone or improper amino acid sequence have high risk of side effects. With HGH therapy being quite an expensive treatment method, many patients are tempted to buy products, manufactured in China or other Asian countries, but these are often of questionable quality and purity.

That is why the best HGH to use would be that produced in the United States or the European countries - that way, you stay on the safe side and are sure the product was properly quality-tested. To sum it up, the best HGH to take comes in injectable form, contains pure actual human growth hormone with 191 amino acid sequence, and is preferably produced in the US or the EU.

What Is the Best HGH Product?

The best HGH product is the one that meets the requirements, listed above. What is the best HGH product on the market then? There is a variety of brands of HGH injections, and here is the list of some of the best growth hormone products on the market:

  • Genotropin (highly pure, 191 amino acid sequence);
  • Humatrope (191 amino acid sequence, the purity is high);
  • Norditropin (highly pure, 191 amino acid sequence);
  • Nutropin (191 amino acid sequence, highly pure);
  • Jintropin (highly pure, 191 amino acid sequence);
  • Hypertropin (191 amino acid sequence, highly pure);
  • Serostim (191 amino acid sequence, high purity);
  • Zorbtive (191 amino acid sequence, high purity);
  • Tev-Tropin (191 amino acid sequence, medium purity).

Different brands have other benefits, such as convenient injection devices and even travel-friendly injection pens. Some products require reconstituting, others come in liquid form and are ready to be injected. Depending on your needs and the price you are willing to pay to minimize the inconveniences, you can pick the best HGH product.

Best HGH Manufacturers

The best HGH on market is produced by manufacturers, based in the United States and European countries. Some of the Chinese manufacturers also deliver quality products, but it is important to make sure the brand you consider is legally imported and sold in the US. Otherwise, you cannot be confident in the quality of the medication and put yourself at risk when using it.

Some of the best HGH manufacturers include:

  • Pfizer, Inc. (based in the US, manufacturer of Genotropin brand);
  • Eli Lilly and Company (US-based manufacturer of Humatrope);
  • Novo Nordisk, Inc. (USA-based, manufactures Norditropin brand);
  • EMD Serono, Inc. (based in the US, manufacturer of Zorbtive, Serostim);
  • Teva Pharmaceuticals (US-based manufacturer, produces Tev-Tropin brand).

Some trustworthy Asian manufacturers that produce well-known human growth hormone brands are:

  • Neogenica Bioscience Ltd. (based in China, manufacturer of Hypertropin);
  • GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (China-based, manufactures Jintropin brand).

Best Legal HGH

Human growth hormone is a controlled medication, which means the product you purchase should be allowed for sale on the territory of the US, and you should have the right to buy it. Firstly, the best legal HGH is a product that is manufactured in the US or is legally imported, so you should make sure the brand you consider has the necessary approval. Secondly, legal HGH can be purchased with a prescription only, so you’ll need to obtain one before you buy the medication.

Where there are legal restrictions, there is always illegal business: HGH is widely offered on the black market. Beware of black market HGH products: human growth hormone is a remedy that requires careful use and medical expertise, as well as proven quality. When purchasing illegal products, you are at risk of getting low-quality, low-purity substance that may cause disastrous side effects. Self-treatment without a prescription and medical supervision also puts your health at stake. That’s why you should only consider best legal HGH for a safe therapy with the desired effect.

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