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What is a trustworthy HGH test?

Some tests can help determine the human growth hormone’s authenticity:

HGH lab analysis

HGH testSome of the manufactures are ready to pay for the lab test if you send an example of their brand product to the lab you chose. But this depends on the brand. While choosing a lab, use the Internet or your friends. Inquire if the lab is able to test for real 191 amino acid sequence somatropin (HGH). The price of the test in the US is about $350. You should find out whether the manufacturer will refund you this sum. Some of the brands do this.

Human Growth Hormone serum test

The majority of labs can make a blood test for HGH serum before applying human growth hormone injections. This test is easier and cheaper. After you made the first test, inject 4IU of the growth hormone and in 3 hours repeat the test. If the result of the second test reveals a high increase of the serum level, then the HGH test is real. It is possible with some brands to receive a refund after sending the lab results to the manufacturer. Find out this.

Inconsistency of HGH serum test results

The level of the HGH serum is formed by numerous factors and can be inconsistent from one test to the other. Among the factors are: the time of the injections, dose, food, the level of the amino acid degrading enzyme liable for HGH degradation, the potential response of the immune, etc. Taking into account all these factors, the results of the tests will not be the same twice. Such results prove the authenticity of the HGH test but they do not define the potency or quality of the human growth hormone. This misconception is often discussed at various bodybuilding forums. The serum test can prove only the authenticity but not the “strength” of the HGH.

IGF-1 test

The HGH level and IGF-1 level are closely connected in the body. HGH injections will increase the level of IGF-1. Raised level of IGF-1 proves that HGH test is authentic. The IGF-1 test is done similar to the HGH serum test.

Is it possible to use home pregnancy test for determining the authenticity of the human growth hormone?

It is possible to use pregnancy test only to define whether the substance has HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the hormone of pregnancy present in the pregnant woman’s urine. In the past, when HGH was very expensive and only a couple of manufacturers made it, some fraudsters sell HCG to cheat people. It looks similar to HGH with the one difference – when you add water into the phial, HCG decomposes instantly, but the growth hormone leaves some lumps of powder for a couple of seconds until dissolving completely. Currently, as a lot of manufacturers produce HGH (at the black market too), no one uses HCG.

Now the fraudsters use the packages of well-known brands but for low quality HGH mimic. Mainly they apply 192 amino acid sequence molecule, which works similarly to the real 191 amino acid sequence HGH, but it also can cause an immune reaction as the body finds it and treats as something foreign. Red painful welts on the spot of injections appear and as a result, serious health problems when the immune system creates defense against the authentic 191 amino acid HGH. The person can remain without the HGH at all.

Bacterial leftover in low quality Somatropin or Somatrem

As the poor quality HGH has lot of bacterial leftover, the consequence is painful red welts on the spot of injections. As a result, there are serious health problems when the body creates resistance against the HGH produced naturally.

Somatrem is the 192 amino acid sequence GH and somatropin is the 191 amino acid sequence. It is significantly simpler and cheaper to make somatrem. Any good lab is able to determine whether it is 191 or 192 amino sequence.

If the welts appear occasionally, it does not mean obligatory that it is somatrem. Somatropin can cause this too (if you made an unsuccessful injection). But if the welts are noticed after all injections and remain for a day or two, it is necessary to stop the injections and make a test.

Remember about the human growth hormone pills, supplements, patches and sprays. These are evident fakes, as they do not have real HGH.